Knitting again

I’d recently had a little break from… knitting! I have no idea about the reason of this pause, but I hadn’t knitted at least for a month, even two, and compared to the frequency, duration and intensity of my usual practices (meaning I knit every day a couple of hours), it was totally abnormal.
But one day, I came across a pattern that made me want to knit again.
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my ultimate local yarn

As all fibrephiles, I love hand-dyed yarns for their nuanced or vivid colors, variation of tones, softness, for all in short, and especially those from Malabrigo or Madelinetosh.
But I should say that the Americas are far away from France!
In my real life, we eat “local” and French as far as possible (we’re a member of community supported agriculture association) and for a while now, I try to apply this principle to yarn purchase preferring European yarns.
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modified Icelandic BO

Recently, I needed to find a Bind Off which could match German Twisted Cast On. I love using this method for border in ribbing because it’s easy to do – it’s a variation of long-tail CO which is most familiar to me -, and it gives a reversible and sturdy edge perfect for hard-wearing items (if you don’t know this technique, see this link). But the strength of this CO is, above all, its elasticity.
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