Shopping Guide

1. Add patterns to your cart.
All patterns are available in two formats: print version and mobile version. For now, you can choose from “Print version only” or “Print + Mobile files”. Choose a option and add products to cart with the button.
You can see your cart with “View Cart” button that appears when you add products to the cart, with the cart icon on the menu bar if you use this site with a PC, or with the menu if you use this site on your mobile divices.

2. Check if you have added everything you want!
Check if the patterns have been added to your cart and Proceed to checkout if everything is okay. You can entry your coupon code here too.

3. I need to know a bit about you.
In the next page, if it is the first time you purchase a pattern on this site, please fill out the form. I need your name, email address, country and city you live in so as not to mix you up with someone else.
If you are a returning cutomer (thank you!), please “log in”.

4. Choose your payment method.
You can use your credit card or your Paypal account. You need to agree to our Terms and conditions to place a order.
You can save your card number for the next purchase. It will be stored in woocommerce platform, not on this webstite.

5. You will receive an email with download links.
You have a link to the print version or the pring and mobile versions.

As you can see here, you have 5 tries to download the PDF file for each version. With Android devices and PCs, the download starts automatically, but it’s not the case for all devices, Apple’s in particular. With those devices, when you click the link, it only opens the file and the file is not saved yet. Please save the file on your device.
Please note that each access to the file is counted as one download and the download link expires after 5 accesses. If it happens to you, please contact me. I will reactivate the link until you have successfully downloaded the files!

Haven’t you received an email from us?
It can be sorted as a spam or a pormotion email. Please check your inbox.
You may have made a mistake when entring your email address. In this case, you will not receive our email. If you find no email from us and the payment has been completed, you can download your files from “My account” page. You can also modify your email address on this page.

6. Do you find the instructions difficult?
I have prepared tutorials on the techniques I use often. Please see the blog.

If you have any problems, please contact me!!