Spring Thaw Tam

Just after designing my Spring Thaw Mitts, I wanted to have matching items and began to knit a little tam.
As you probably know, Broken seed stitch my mitts feature is characterized by an alternation of knit-purl rows and purl-knit rows like the classical Seed stitch. For my mitts, I’d found a solution for increases that doesn’t disturb this pattern, but with a tam, I had to rack my brains this time for crown decreases!
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Japanese W&T

As promised at the end of the last post, here’s a tutorial of a new? short-row technique – a mix of W&T and Japanese method.

On RS (from RS to WS), as with W&T method, you knit to the turn-back point, slip one stitch, and bring your working yarn in front. I usually replace wrapped sts onto LN before turning work, this is more secure.
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