Reverse stockinette stripes study

I’m fond of stripes. Most of my wardrobe consists of striped t-shirts and pullovers and I’ve knitted lots of striped garments so far.
When I was planning to make a gift cardigan for the baby of friends of ours, I naturally wanted it striped, but to give a twist to the design, I decided to use Reverse stockinette st.
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The most jogless stripes

Yeah, the title is oxymoronic, but that is what I discovered through my work.

I love stripes and don’t like seaming. I naturally looked for techniques to work stripes in the round seamlessly. I came across the TECHknitter’s post on the stuff, but after several trials, I gave up knitting stripes in the round…
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Japanese W&T

As promised at the end of the last post, here’s a tutorial of a new? short-row technique – a mix of W&T and Japanese method.

On RS (from RS to WS), as with W&T method, you knit to the turn-back point, slip one stitch, and bring your working yarn in front. I usually replace wrapped sts onto LN before turning work, this is more secure.
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Japanese short rows?

You’ve perhaps heard of “the Japanese Short Rows method” which only uses a slipped st at each turn. This technique only requires split markers (or safety pins, paper clips…) you put on your working yarn to mark the connecting loop. And when you get back to the marked stitches, you will lift the loop to resolve the gaps.
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