Faroese yarn

You must know it’s difficult to keep your faith. Mine in term of yarn purchase is to “prefer” European ones, and I have the feeling of becoming more and more finicky and demanding, as for the origin, place and process of production, and this reduces the scope of choice.
I’ve however bought recently a yarn “mostly” European, and I’d like to share it with you!
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Knitting with beads – 2

In the last post, I just told about two main ways to add beads to your knitting: stringing and crochet methods. This time, I’m talking about the size of materials – yarn, beads and crochet hook.
Obviously, we can’t add any size beads to any weight yarn, but yarn weight/beads size equation depends on the method you opt for. But let’s talk about beads, these tiny things.
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Knitting with beads – 1

Adding beads on your knitting works is an embellishment you can treat yourself to quite easily. They add sparkles to your delicate lacy shawls, feminine touch to your accessories.
Beading requires some tools, and of course beads! But wait a moment before runshing into a craft store, because there are beads and beads!
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British Seacoast

As promised in the last post, here’s the pullover I knitted with Lyonesse DK, a British yarn.

This is Seacoast pullover by Joji Locatelli, published in Woolpeople No.7 of Brooklyn Tweed, in 2014.
I’ve fallen in love with this pattern when it was out. The pullover is beautiful, with simple and clean lines, and the model who has it on is really charming!
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British yarn – local yarn buying guide

In a recent post about my ultimate local yarn, I “declared” that I tried to prefer European yarns. This principle is often shaken by beautiful photos of hand-dyed yarns on SNS, and I allow myself from time to time not to observe it because I’m not a sort of “radical” person, but I tried to keep it as often as possible. And I was recently faced with a dilemma I hadn’t expected.
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Knitting again

I’d recently had a little break from… knitting! I have no idea about the reason of this pause, but I hadn’t knitted at least for a month, even two, and compared to the frequency, duration and intensity of my usual practices (meaning I knit every day a couple of hours), it was totally abnormal.
But one day, I came across a pattern that made me want to knit again.
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