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Baa-ble hat redone

I usually go for a walk at the riverside near my house after work. As it was getting colder, I searched my drawers for knitted hats.

I first pulled out this Spring Thaw Tam, a hat I designed several years ago.

I cut my hear (yeah) a year ago and realized that with no bun, I could wear hats without deforming them!

(I wore Gamaldags sweater by Hélène Magnússon here 🙂)

So, why not trying on the Baa-ble Hat I pulled out at the same time as the tam?

The problem was that I knitted this hat for my daughter a few years ago, to her head size (53 cm).
I could put my large head (58 cm) in it, but the stitches were stretched out and the floats (trapped black ones in particular) were visible. The hat looked also too shallow. We have the feeling that I squeezed my head in it.

My daughter has become a teenager and doesn’t want to wear the hat anymore, so I decided to redo it to my size. Luckily, I still had the yarns I’d used in my stash (it’s important to have stash) !
I thought I’d reuse the pompon as I was not sure I had enough yarn to make a larger one. After removing it, I entirely unraveled the hat, winding the yarn, color by color, around my hand and elbow to make hanks (you can use a card board to do this), and smoothed with steam iron the ramen-like yarn into spaghetti (I hook my hanks to my iron table and pulling the yarn tightly, steam them). My hanks are too small in circumference to be hooked to my umbrella swift, so I put them flat and gently wind by hand into balls.
The yarn was ready!

My notes on Ravelry say I’d omitted a sheep. So this time, I just followed the instructions as written using the same needle sizes (thank you Ravelry!).

My gauge was slightly looser than that of the pattern, which was perfect for my large head. I just omitted some “even” rounds at the top of the crown to shorten it.

I tried it on and thought I did the right thing 🙂

(I wore Recto Verso sweater 🙂)

So I go for a walk these days wearing this hat 🙂
My teenager said to me that people would look at me strangely but I don’t care. Some people glance at my hat so I enjoy imagining them to be knitters 😁
Don’t you want to declare your love for sheep with me?

Pattern:Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith
Holst Garn Supersoft: Truffle (soil) & Iced (sky)
fonty Fado: #660 (=white, sheep and snow)
Drops Alpaca (sorry!): Black (sheep’s legs)
3.5 mm / US4 for brim, 3.75 mm / US5 for body

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