The most jogless stripes

Yeah, the title is oxymoronic, but that is what I discovered through my work.

I love stripes and don’t like seaming. I naturally looked for techniques to work stripes in the round seamlessly. I came across the TECHknitter’s post on the stuff, but after several trials, I gave up knitting stripes in the round…

When I knitted Sheelseeker by Heidi Kirrmaier, a pullover pattern with 2-rounds stripes all over, I remembered that there was a jogless stripes technique in a hat pattern I’d translated, Brynja Beret by Hélène Magnússon – it’s one of the privileges of my work :).
I tried the technique and it worked marvelously fine!

This technique is also explained in Hélène’s latest book, Icelandic Handknits: 25 Heirloom Techniques and Projects (if you love the Nordic style knitting, you’ll find your happiness as French people say ;)).

Here’s the how-to.
(Yarn used: Ístex LÉTTLOPI)

1. Work with Color A to the end of the rnd.

2. Slip back the last st onto LN.

3. Knit the replaced st with color B.

Continue with color B but stop at the last st.

4. With RN tip, lift the Color A st just below the Color B st (both worked at the previous rnd) onto LN.

You have the Color A st and Color B st on LN.

5. Knit these 2 sts together.

The Color B st is behind the Color A one and invisible from RS!

I continued knitting stripes. The arrow shows the end of rnds.

Notable advantages of this technique are:
1/ Unlike “travelling stripes technique”, the end of rnds stays at the same point;
2/ Can be used for 1-rnd stripes, unlike the technique which uses slipped st and consequently requires at least 2 rnds.

If you’ve never been satisfied with other techniques, try it!

4 thoughts on “The most jogless stripes

  1. Jen says:

    This method really works, even for 1-row stripes! Thanks so much for sharing and helping to make my striped project jog-free.

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