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Daisy Cardigan

Yes I know that I’m totally behind and that I have not written anything about my designs – though no one I believe minds that -.
Today, before talking about my newest Everyday sweater, I’d like to introduce you Daisy Cardigan I published last year (haha). I’ll write on the other designs if I have enough time.

We have a tradition that I knit a garment for my daughter every winter. Until then, I decided what I would knit for her but last year she handed me a rough drawing of the garment she would like to have.

She drew a long, oversized brown V-neck cardigan with colorful stripes and puffed sleeves. I wanted to knit her a brioche cardigan with wool and mohair, but since I had knitted her a green into the deep sea (woods) in the same fiber combination and she wanted a plain fabric with no fluff, we went for wool yarn.

We opted for Fado from fonty, a woolen spun yarn made from French Merino d’Arles and Portuguese black merino wool. Some of you may be familiar with this combination? Yes, De Rerum Natura’s wool yarns are made from the same fibers. However, Fado’s black wool, unlike that of De rerum natura yarns, comes from the black merino sheep raised in the Creuse department where the mill is. This ecological yarn is only available in 5 natural undyed colors. I bought 10 balls (!) of the darkest shade.

I didn’t have no idea on how oversized it should be (because I don’t wear oversized garments) and started it with 20 cm [8″] of positive ease by guesswork and my guess turned out wrong! When I had it tried on her after joining the fronts and back, she found it not oversized enough, so I redid with 35 cm [13.75″] ease 😓

And the cardigan turned out like this:

And I’m proud to say that I found all the stipe’ colors in my stash 😁 The red is a worsted weight yarn, and the other colors are worked with fingering weight yarn held double.
I thought that pockets would be useful on a long cardigan and slipped them in between two borders.

And here are the modeled photos!
The photo has turned accidently sparkling ✨ because of dust on the lens (haha)

The pocket idea is totally approved: it’s very useful to slide not only your hand but your smartphone in too!

The design didn’t have a name when I was writing the pattern. I vaguely thought I would name it twenty-three cardigan (because I already knitted a Twenty-twelve cardigan). It’s finally called Daisy after the buttons’ motifs (that my daughter customized).

Since it’s oversized, I tried it on too. I’m about 8 cm [3″] taller than she is and the shoulders fall less far.

The pattern comes with 4 sizes and the finished bust is 111 (120, 135.5, 149) cm [43.75 (47.25, 53.5, 59)”]. It is intended to be worn with 20 – 35 cm [8 – 14”] positive ease.
You can knit it with no stripes to get a simple drop-shouldered long cardigan, or work stripes in a color to make it more chic.

The pattern is available here: Daisy Cardigan
To celebrate this blog post 😁, you can save 15% with code daisies until March 20! (code available only on this website)

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