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Right and Left in Knitting

This is the first article about technical editing but the subject concerns not only knitting designers, but all knitters! I drew schematics to be clear, so I hope this will help you in your futur projects 🙂

Do you know your right and left? This is THE start point – coz my hubby doesn’t know very well! (He asks me “the right this side (pointing right) or the right this side (pointing left)?” 😑)
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into the deep sea (woods) sweater

I’m pleased and relieved to announce that into the deep sea (woods) pattern is live now, at last!

The test knit was over a week ago but I couldn’t take nice pictures to show you both the Sea version and the Woods version of the sweater. That’s finally done on a less cloudy day and the pattern is available on my website and on Ravelry.
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finished! & yarns

Moustache from Fonty and Winter Tabbies

Oh là là, it’s been a while since I last posted an article on this blog!
I was pretty busy this summer because of my first-ever (and the last?) commissioned design and I didn’t knit much, so I had almost nothing to share with you… I’ll talk about that design in another post and this time, I’m reviewing a new yarn, new for me and relatively new on the market.
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finished! & yarns

Caroline sweater

In addition to my original designs, I made two sweaters designed by “others” this fall-winter season. If you have already designed a pattern, you may know how grateful you are to other designers who thought of every detail, calculated number of stitches and rows, wrote everything down… I like designing garments from scratch and it’s an immense joy to see your ideas taking shape but I also love that pleasure to follow other designers’ patterns and get what I see on the pictures.

I made Caroline pullover by eri shimizu, and KP yoke – Rasen pullover by Ririko, both created by talented Japanese designers and #strandsoflifeedited 🙂
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designs & making-of & yarns

Alexandre II

Okay, I said I’d catch up with my delay in posting, so when I publish a design, I should write a post about it, right?

I published Alexandre II a few days ago on Ravelry. This is a boys cardigan, worked from the top down, with stripes on the body and sleeves.
But why II, the second, you may say?
Because, of course, Alexandre I does exist.
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designs & making-of & tutorials

Tabbies and Care of your Tabbies

I know I’m a couple of posts behind about my designs. To catch up with my delay, I’m going to talk first about my Tabbies pattern that I recently re-knitted, about their making-of and after.

Tabbies socks were born of an urge of having socks wearable with the thongs I wear in warmer months. But wearing thongs with socks sounds a fashion faux pas to you?
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German short rows

German short rows technique began to be used around 2013 in English knitting patterns, and has become so much popular that most patterns using Stockinette stitch and published recently use this technique.

The number one reason of this popularity is its simplicity. Unlike wrap and turn which seems to require some steps to turn and to resolve the gap, German short rows’ operations look simpler. Let’s see if it is true with pictures.
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