Grown-up Starry is now available!

I’m really really happy to announce that Grown-up Starry pattern is out now!

As you may know, I began designing it in 2016, after publishing Starry pullover for girls. With the experimental armhole, the disaster (I haven’t shared this but the first set-in sleeve simple I knit got felted after blocking!), the journey was long but I finally arrived at destination, and am feeling relieved.
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If you are a knitter, you love sheep (or, if you don’t like sheep, you are not a knitter)!
So I discovered Donna Smith’s Baable hat with the same enthousiasme as all of you 2 years ago.
This pattern was featured on the cover of the first issue of Shetland wool week annual, and seeing the names of contributors (Kate Davies among others), I didn’t hesitate one second to purchase it (and to my satisfaction, this number is full of interesting patterns and articles).
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When I began to knit patterns written in English, I was surprised that M1L and M1R increases were used very frequently, because the increases generally used in Japan are KRL and KLL. They are very easy to do, neat, and useful!
There are also their purled versions, PRL and PLL that I’d like to present you, because there is no tutorial on them on the internet, and they’re I think much easier than M1Lp and M1Rp! But I’m going to show you KRL and KLL first to show you the principle.
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Grown-up Starry 1

When I published Starry pullover – a beaded Christmas pullover for girls -, some knitters asked me if there would be an adult version. I said to myself “Why not?” and began to imagine what it would look like.

The grown-up Starry should be of course in Quilted lattice stitch. It should have waist shaping and a larger neck opening for a feminine silhouette. And the sleeves? I don’t know why but I thought immediately that they should be long. And this is so to speak the starting point of experimentation which lasted a couple of months.
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designs & making-of

Color tiles blanket

Since we moved into our house 2 years ago, my daughter has wanted a knitted blanket. Our new house is indeed very old (built in 1900’s) and it’s colder than in the appartment we lived before, which was much older (1850’s!) but heated also by our neighbors.
But a blanket is huge and means lots of time and work. Like all of you, I want to knit many things in winter – often much more than I can -, and I selfishly avoided saying Yes last season.
But this winter, we had a couple of cold waves from Northern Europe – brrr! – and I had to admit that she needed a blanket.
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