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Christmas pullover

Yeah I know it’s not seasonal at all, but I’m introducing you the pullover I knitted for my daughter for last Christmas (lol), because I’m going to look for the test knitters shortly.

I’d already bought a dark violet tulle skirt for her and I planned to knit a pull that would match it. I love knitting little things for Christmas, in that impatient waiting for festive moments. My first design was actually for this occasion.

I chose a lustrous yarn: Baby alpaca silk from Drops contains 70% of alpaca and 30% of silk – I dunno how they can sell at such low prices, but – it’s a good yarn, soft and gorgeous, good value for money. The colorways is named just Light Grey but it looks slightly purplish.
Drops Baby Alpaca Silk-8108-small

I tried Quilted lattice stitch. My daughter loved it as soon as I showed her the swatch. And when I told her about adding beads to it, she was over the moon.
Toho Seed beads 8/0: Gold lustered Hydrangea

And my daughter approved the result 🙂

After the calculations, I began to knit the pullover, adding and adding and adding beads as I went. I have to say it’s been a crazy project, because for the 10 year size, there’are 695 beads!
But the result is worth the patience, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s turned out as I imagined, and she loves it 🙂

I’m going to look for test knitters and write a post on beading shortly, stay tuned!

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