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Grown-up Starry 1

When I published Starry pullover – a beaded Christmas pullover for girls -, some knitters asked me if there would be an adult version. I said to myself “Why not?” and began to imagine what it would look like.

The grown-up Starry should be of course in Quilted lattice stitch. It should have waist shaping and a larger neck opening for a feminine silhouette. And the sleeves? I don’t know why but I thought immediately that they should be long. And this is so to speak the starting point of experimentation which lasted a couple of months.

Starry is halfway between dropped shoulder and dolman sleeve pullovers, as many pullovers with boxy fit of these days. But it has no sleeve strict speaking (you increase just towards sleeve opening) and the fit isn’t oversized.

Starry 2Y size in Madelinetosh Sock, Calligraphy 🙂

Some test-knitters of Starry pullover added sleeves picking up stitches around the arm opening, but I didn’t because it would produce some bulk at the underarm.

What? Bulk at underarm?
Have you never noticed it? It’s natural because you have plenty of “excess fabric” around your body with oversized garments and the bulk gets lost into it.
But the Grown-up Starry should be close-fitted, so I had to opt for another solution.

The construction which gives a neat fitting without excess fabric is… our traditional set-in sleeves. But I wanted to keep the contemporary feeling of dropped shoulder silhouette.
And I knitted, unravelled, knitted, unravelled… for 3 months until I’ve got a satisfactory result.

I’m proud to be at last able to show it to you 🙂
I’ve opted for Twisted rib this time (instead of garter stitch border).

The main difficulty lies of course int the armhole and here is what I’ve got.

It’s rather particular, huh?

I’ll show you how it looks “worn” in the next post!

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