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Daydreamer pullover

Some of you may know this, I have a new pattern published on Ravelry.
It’s a pullover pattern for babies and toddlers (6 months to 4 years) and you who know my daughter turned 10 could wonder why I made a sweater for tiny tots.

This is a kind of revenge project.
Eight years ago, a couple of months after throwing myself heart and soul into the knitting world, I fell in love with a brightly-colored self-striping sock yarn in a local yarn shop and I immediately knew I wanted to make it into a sweater for my daughter. Having no patterns to follow, I calculated the numbers of stitches and rows based on the measurements taken from knitting magazines. I loved this process (I think this is why I’ve become a tech editor) and the pullover, but my daughter couldn’t wear it for a long time – her head wouldn’t fit through the neck opening.

I’d forgot about this sweater for a long time, until I took part in a garage sale. This pullover wasn’t sold – luckily in the end! – and for some reason, I didn’t put it right away in a cardboard box. And one day, I thought it would be pretty knit in a “contemporary” speckled yarn, which didn’t exist those days.
And I came up with this Darydreamer pullover, knit in Hedgehog fibres Sock, Daydream color 🙂

Most of design is like the original – slightly A-lined shape, rolling-up borders and full-fashioned decreases on the raglan yoke – but I added a back-opening so the head can pass more easily!

(I sewed the unmatching buttons I had in my sewingbox, but I’m satisfied with the idea of matching button and speckle colors 🙂 )

The original version and the speckled prototype are knit in pieces and sewn, because I had never heard of circular knitting 8 years ago and I wanted to make it in the same way. But I transformed the instructions for working in the round and tested it myself.

The pullover is 10% off until the end of February 28th, Paris time. Hurry up!

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