Knitting again

I’d recently had a little break from… knitting! I have no idea about the reason of this pause, but I hadn’t knitted at least for a month, even two, and compared to the frequency, duration and intensity of my usual practices (meaning I knit every day a couple of hours), it was totally abnormal.
But one day, I came across a pattern that made me want to knit again.

That pattern in question, I’d long been wanting to knit it and had the instructions, but I’d never read it through. And recently, I got the permission to translate it into Japanese to offer it in my online store, and “put my nose in” as the French say. And I was so thrilled that I immediately bought yarn to knit it!

I don’t keep you in suspense any longer, the pattern is Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier. It’s an airy, lightweight shawlette knit with Malabrigo Sock. But it’s not (only) the yarn that is tantalizing, but the construction of the piece: it doesn’t have the “classical” construction of shawls. It’s neither knit from one end to the other (sideway), nor from the top-down, nor the bottom-up, nor lengthwise, but in all directions! It’s composed of several sections which are geometrical shapes – triangles, and rectangle and parallelogram. They are formed with increases and decreases, worked with basic stitches like St st, Reverse St st and garter st, but contiguous forms aren’t worked with the same st. And all that in one piece, without breaking yarn, nor picking up sts. Interesting, eh?

And here is the demonstration.

I’m finishing the largest part of the center, and looking forward to seeing the final result 🙂

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