Spring Thaw Mitts

Haven’t you seen the patterns featuring Broken seed stitch and been intrigued, like me?
I’d wanted to give a try this stitch pattern, and chose a hand-dyed variegated skein for that (so as not to worry about color choice!)

Here’s my beautiful skein 🙂

Malabrigo Sock: # 416 indiecita

The base color is blue (I think), but the spectrum goes from green to violet, with some spots of gold yellow! Their colors are more beautiful than I expected, and I’ve totally fallen in love at first sight.

I first tried with another sock yarn from Malabrigo.

The stitches are very neat, and we can see clearly all the colors of the variegated yarn. But it’s at that moment that I remembered I had natural color alpaca yarn in my Stash and wanted to try it compulsively.
And I preferred this version.

The colors are less visible because of the fluff of alpaca yarn, but precisely this fluff gives a springlike pastel touch, which seemed interesting to me.

And with this combination, I made a pair of fingerless gloves I named them Spring Thaw Mitts!

Yes, I know well they are mistimed, but I was happily able to have some testknitters, and thanks to chocolatekate, natyscrap, asdecoeur, mafumafu, clematis126, paru39 and MidoriHirose, the pattern will be available on Ravelry shortly!

It comes with several sizes: 4-6Y, 7-9Y (below), 10-12Y for children, and XS, S, M (above), L for adult female.

I’ll be happy if you add them to your queue 🙂

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